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Repairing My Laptop WiFi

My computer's WiFi broke. A few years ago, it started having trouble connecting to some routers, probably due to a crystal oscillator frequency deviation. I originally planned to just replace the crystal oscillator in the module. Today, it completely failed, so I replaced it with a module I had prepared in advance, and now it's fully operational again.

The biggest concern when replacing a module is shaky hands, but I solved this using the manual mode of the CDPNP pick-and-place machine.

电脑 WiFi 坏了,几年前就有部分路由器连接不了,估计是晶振频偏,原本准备只换模组晶振,今天彻底挂掉了,于是换上早已准备好的模组,满血复活

换模组最怕手抖,用 CDPNP 贴片机手动模式解决

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iwlwifi: Start IWL Error Log Dump:
iwlwifi: Failed to start RT ucode: -110


Please visit the original link: /fix-laptop-wifi-by-cdpnp